Aggressive Cat. My Cat Is Wild What To Do?

Feline Aggression

Have you been experiencing threatening behaviour from your aggressive cat recently? This is a very complicated and extensive topic! Many cat owners will face issues with their pet at points in their life, however, there is nothing more disconcerting than your furry friend beginning to show signs of aggression. Parents with young children, in particular, will be under great pressure to sort this problem out before any harm is done. 

aggressive cat angry eyes
It is important that we first find out what form of aggression this is. Yes, that’s right – there are different forms of aggression. In order to “treat” your cat, we first have to determine the type of aggression.

Different Types

Here I can only list the different types! So I would like to ask you, if you have an aggressive cat at home, to contact your veterinarian.

  • Territorial aggression
  • Anxiety Aggression
  • Aggression between hangovers
  • Reoriented aggression
  • Asocial aggression
  • Prey aggression
  • Aggression while stroking
  • Aggressive game
  • Lining Aggression
  • Aggression for pain
  • Learned aggression
  • Maternal aggression
  • Aggression through clumsy handling
  • Apparently baseless aggression

Game Therapy for an aggressive cat

In all types of aggression, game therapy is very important! Aggressive cats can use this to reduce their negative energy, to react off, so to speak! One can observe that they are much more relaxed after playing.

But it is important that game therapy lasts 15 minutes. If you stop playing after 5 minutes it can leave the aggressive cat in a totally agitated state. It also has more energy at this point. If you leave him after this point the cat will focus this surge of energy into behaving aggressively again and this time it will be even worse. 

aggressive cat jump


After 5 minutes we have a game-excited cat, in another 5 minutes she enjoys the game and builds in the next 5 minutes from her tension and will be happier.


From time to time you can have a catnip party. But do not do this too often, because nothing else is special anymore. Sprinkle some catnip on the floor and you can see how a cat is put into a state of intoxication. Some kick the mint-smelling piece of carpet or towel, the others roll back and forth. But no matter what type your cat is, she’ll love catnip and be happy afterwards!

aggressive cat bites plant

But do not leave the leftover mint behind, pack everything away, otherwise, it will become boring. I organise mint parties about once a month!

So if your cat is showing signs of aggression, please don’t worry straight away. It is best to figure out which form of aggression he is presenting and deal with it appropriately. Very often you may just need to try the game technique or catnip, and your issue will be over.

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