Are Savannah Cats Suitable House Pets if you have Children?

There are many cats just waiting to be carefully chosen for each cat lover. Savannah cat breeders know each young cat as an individual and each one has characteristics that will make a good match with a human family.

But what if you have children in the home? Certainly, the success of introducing a Savannah cat into your family won’t essentially depend on the cat, but on the children too. Continue reading “Are Savannah Cats Suitable House Pets if you have Children?”

Selectively Bred Savannah Cats all the Rage

As a hybrid cat, the spotted Savannah is a cross between the ‘native-to-Africa’ Serval and a domestic cat marketed as an absurdly beautiful exotic pet.

Somewhat smaller in size than the Serval, this beauty looks like a wild predator but is docile enough to be a domesticated pet. Today, this amazing looking cat with his short, thick tail, hooded eyes and large ears is the latest big thing in celebrity pet trends Continue reading “Selectively Bred Savannah Cats all the Rage”